Here Are Two Examples Of Project Pricing

To encourage the engagement of an editor when writing shorter papers, this year’s project cost of an initial 10 hours of editing /coaching for a 25-page paper including references is $360, a 20% discount from the market rate. This allows for 10 hours of editing and coaching services, two Zoom conferences to review feedback, and unlimited email support. If more than 10 hours are required, which is common if we are workshopping a paper by sections, we would negotiate another project. Please know that my clients attest to the value of this support at this cost. Payment is required to start the project.

For papers like a dissertation, with an average length of 130 pages including references, the time required is likely 40 hours. This year’s project cost of editing/coaching a 130-page pager plus references is $1,440. If the work required exceeds 40 hours, we would negotiate an additional project. If the full payment for a dissertation is made upfront, I offer a 10% discount. Payment is required to start the project.

While payment is required to start a project, I often work with authors to develop a payment plan. The cost of co-writing and/or editing a non-student manuscript is developed based on market rates and project details. Please contact me to discuss the details. My clients attest to the value of this investment.